About Us

Our Mission and Vision

It is said that “the New Water comes and changes the ways.
We bring forward the “New Water” to Dubai, with redefining water.

Through our ingenious research, we bring you the purest of the purest form of water. Our people have not compromised at all.

The best technology is used in our factories for packaging, purifying or for providing at your convenience and comfort.

We will be coming soon to refresh you soon.

  • Redefining
    We say redefining instead of purification as it undergoes multiple stages of filtration, passes through high-tech purification, resulting in the purest form of water.
  • Low Sodium
    In addition to essential minerals such as Calcium, Bicarbonate, and Magnesium, we made sure Sprint water ensures low Sodium.
  • Adding Minerals
    We blend in precisely food grade minerals in a balanced manner making Sprint water help to enhance taste both for drinking and cooking.
  • Quality
    We guarantee in providing the distinction that our state of the art facilities and equipment we would upgrade time to time for the ever-evolving technology from raw material to the finished product.